No More White Lies is facilitated by its founders: two feminists, lesbians with a century of leftist activism between them.

Lois HeLmbold

Lois Helmbold, Ph.D, grew up in rural Pennsylvania, granddaughter of coal miners, daughter of a fundamentalist, evangelical country preacher. Teaching in a small Black college in rural Mississippi in the late 1960s changed her life. She is a retired women’s studies professor, an American historian, a writer, martial artist, and textile artist. 




rochelle towers

Rochelle Towers, M.S.W, grew up in NYC in a middle-class Jewish family and arrived in Oakland in 1970. She became active against the Viet Nam War, in the campaign to Free Angela Davis, in feminist, gay and lesbian movements, union and Central America solidarity work. She taught community organizing at SFSU and is a seasoned facilitator, trainer, coach and counselor.

Excellent group led by experienced feminist activist scholars who skillfully guided us through study, role plays and discussions to help us understand racism in our personal lives and be more effective in talking to white people about racism. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is interested in growing and becoming a more conscious anti racist activist and about the real U.S. history that we rarely learn in school.
— Lisa Dettmer